Friday Fiction: Curled Within

This post is a response to the Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge #8. This is my first time taking part in the challenge. I’m considering having my entries for the challenge each week be a series, in which case this part can be considered merely the opening to a larger story. I decided to write a scene/extract of 200 words.

Azael stared at the tree. It looked as though it had dropped from the sky, squashing itself as it hit the ground. The other trees around were slim, stretching their limbs skywards to sway in the breeze. This tree was bloated. It reminded Azael of her mother. She imagined something evil and rotting curled beneath the rough bark, waiting to burst out and scatter the remnants of the tree to the wind.


The girl turned at Father’s stern voice. He beckoned and Azael hurried to catch up. Father held his hand out to her. Gaze flitting over the bundle resting on his other arm, the evil that had scattered her mother, she didn’t take it. Father sighed. His hand settled on her shoulder, gripping firmly. The bundle breathed softly.

Together they approached the gash in the earth. A tree stood over it. A slim one. The light through the leaves dappled the ground. A corner of Azael’s mind observed the beauty of the place. Most of her focus was on the large shape at the bottom of the tree. Azael ached, desperate to run, though she didn’t know if she’d rather flee or run towards it. Father’s grip tightened.

Hopefully it’s clear enough what is going on in the story. I tried to be implicit rather than explicit, but I’m worried it’s a little too vague at this point. Then again it is only 200 words in, and I’m sure things will become clearer in future parts of the story.


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Curled Within

  1. I think you have just enough in 200 words as the next installment should give a little more clarity. I’m a person who believes when writing the reader doesn’t need to know everything all at once. If the person’s perspective that is being written from has no reason to mention a name or think of a subject, then I don’t do it. I like a story that develops as it likes and needs to, not as a reader believes it should. It’s your story.

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