Photo-A-Day: January 8th

January 8th 2016

I completely forgot to take the camera with me today when I was out and about. Luckily my phone has a camera (as most do nowadays!) even if it may not be a great one. Really I’d love a dSLR but it’s going to take me some time to save up for one…

Anyway, my point was that I took today’s picture on my phone as I came home from work. It’s warmed up a bit now and was ‘only’ -13C when the photo was taken. We’d had a sprinkling of fresh snow that was lightly coating everything. Fresh snow is lovely – it makes everything soft, sparkly, white and fluffy. It’s a lighter, brighter colour I think than snow that has been around longer. Old snow gets a bit creamy in colour, probably because of being compacted over time.

The frosted look of these prickly evergreens is really quite delightful. Hopefully I can get a better picture in the next few days. It was a bit too dark to get much more than this at the time.


Lady Joyful

PS, if you liked yesterday’s post you may be interested to know that the recipe is now available on our sister blog!


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