Gravity 1Weekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Weight(less) 

This week’s photo challenge prompt is about showing the effects of gravity. When I first saw the prompt I thought it sounded interesting but I was also had no idea to respond to it. I spent a lot of time mulling it over and began playing with ideas.

I took some pictures of icing sugar falling which worked well. I really felt they showed gravity well, and weightlessness. But something about them just wasn’t quite right. I decided to keep looking.

The picture (or pictures rather) that I ended up using I stumbled upon by accident. I was out snapping pictures for the photo-a-day series that I’m doing and I spotted the plant pictured. I immediately knew that this was the picture I wanted for my gravity post.

Gravity 2

I felt this was perfect because it shows both weight and weightlessness. The plant is bowed by the weight of the snow, and yet it’s tendrils hang with an air of weightlessness.


Lady Joyful

PS, the colour of these pictures was adjusted slightly as the light quality was poor when I took them.


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