DIY: String Hearts

Emerald HeartWhen we got married we did it on a budget. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and we didn’t want to start our marriage in debt due to an exorbitantly expensive wedding day. As a result we did a lot of things ourselves for the wedding.

We made our own save the date cards and invitations. My mum did our flowers and put the finishing touches on my dress (which I’d bought from eBay). I baked the cake, which my mum decorated. We made a “tree” as a guest book – husband and I collected sticks from the woods near our home, and I had friends and family help cut out and string heart-shaped tags for people to write on. I still have them all!

Purple HeartAnd then there was the string heart we made. It was, in my opinion, the focal point of the decorations. It was put up behind our seats for the wedding breakfast. It looked great, and I was really happy with how it turned out. I still am. Unfortunately at the moment it is propped up on the floor in our bedroom because we’ve not yet been able to put up the shelf to stand it on. But still, it is definitely an item that sparks joy.

Since that time we’ve made two more of the hearts. Smaller ones, because they had to withstand being transported to England! One was a gift to my grandparents for their 55th wedding anniversary. That’s the Emerald anniversary, hence the choice of green string for theirs. The other was made at the same time for my aunt as a wedding present. For hers I used purple string as it was the main colour she’d chosen for her wedding.

Emerald and Purple HeartsI was again very happy with how they turned out. They’re so much fun to make and really quite forgiving too.

If you’d like to make some yourself, check out the tutorial in my original post over here.


Lady Joyful


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