Photo-A-Day: January 13th


January 13th 2016I realised as I was walking to the bus stop that I’d forgotten to put the camera back in my backpack this morning. That left me slightly concerned about how I would get today’s photo done. In the end I snapped this picture with my phone. This was a craft I did with one of the children I nanny.

There’s a full tutorial over here, which is where I got the idea. It’s pretty simple though. First you print (there’s a template available if you follow the link to the full tutorial, or you could draw one) and cut out a basic snowman shape on ordinary paper. You could probably use card too but paper works well enough. You’ll also want two pieces of sticky back plastic (contact paper) slightly bigger than the snowman, some black card/paper cut to make eyes and buttons, and some orange card/paper (I used foam card) cut into a triangle for the nose. Finally you’ll need tissue paper in wintry colours.

When you’re ready to do the craft put one of the pieces of sticky back plastic on a table, sticky side up. Press the snowman shape carefully onto it. Let your child place the nose, eyes and buttons. Next have the child tear pieces of the tissue paper and attach them to the plastic. The idea is to completely cover the snowman, but the creator of the snowman pictured decided she liked gaps in hers. Once the snowman is ready press the other piece of sticky back plastic over the first (sticky sides together), cut the excess off, and hang in the window.

Looks good doesn’t it? And hey, you got a bonus tutorial with today’s picture!


Lady Joyful


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