Photo-A-Day: January 14th


January 14th 2016I keep posting these later in the day than I would prefer. Long work days are to blame. I’ve been getting annoyed at myself about it but then I realised it’s my challenge, I can set my own rules for it. So. I’ve previously been going on the idea that the photograph for these posts should have been taken on the same day that I post it. But the series is “photo-a-day” not “photo-of-the-day”. And again as I just said, I set the rules.

I’m going to build in a bit of a buffer to the blogging so that it doesn’t matter as much if I forget the camera. Or if I have a stupidly busy day and run out of time to get the post sorted.

What all that comes down to is… Today’s picture was not taken today! I took it whilst we were out on Sunday, and I will be posting a few more of the pictures I took then over the next few days.


Lady Joyful


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