Photo Fiction: Road to Somewhere

Photo-Fiction Challenge #20

Daisy leaned forwards, peering down the road. Ma would have a fit if she saw her, sitting in the road on a suitcase. Never mind that the road was deserted – she could hear Ma chiding her, insisting she’d get knocked down. “You’ll do yourself a mischief, girl!”

Shaking her head she dragged again on the cigarette. Ma would complain about that too. “Dirty habit. Makes you look cheap.” Squinting against the sun Daisy pushed the voice from her mind. Ma wasn’t here.

Nobody was.

Realising she’d have to walk Daisy stood, crushing the cigarette under her heel. A breeze ruffled her hair as she picked up her case. Daisy thanked her stars that it wasn’t the middle of summer. She’d be cooked before finding a town. Then again, she thought, glancing at the cloudy sky, being rained on wouldn’t be much better. At least it was warm.

Daisy turned her back on the burnt rubber left when Troy had sped away. Bastard. Sure they had their differences, but leaving her here, in the middle of nowhere… “That boy’s no good for you.”

“Hush, Ma.” Daisy muttered. She winced, realising she was talking to herself. She’d probably never see him again.

Daisy tried to remember when they’d last passed a town. Or seen any sign of civilisation. She vaguely recalled a farmhouse a mile or two back. There’d been other things on her mind at the time.

There was something calming about the silence, the solitude. It gave Daisy a chance to reflect. For so long she’d been stuck in a rut, the same routine day in day out. Perhaps being dumped in the middle of nowhere, homeless with nowhere to go, would be the push she needed to start doing something with her life. Perhaps she was finally going somewhere.


I think that came out okay for being written in a rush. The end part feels a bit hurried to me, and it took a fair bit of editing to get it down to 300 words. It was about 335 before I started editing.

I’d love to hear what you think of it!


Lady Joyful

3 thoughts on “Photo Fiction: Road to Somewhere

  1. Hi there,
    I really liked this. It didn’t feel rushed to me, as a matter of fact I found it really relatable. I think we all hear our mother chiding us at some point. Especially when adversity inspires us where they have been trying to. Great post, Thank you for participating and I look forward to reading more from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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