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Alphabet Stamps, Close-UpWeekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Alphabet 


With this week’s prompt I couldn’t decide whether I’d rather take the opportunity to show off my new alphabet stamps (how convenient!), or do a series of 26 pictures to show the alphabet. In the end I decided to do both!

Alphabet StampsGetting the series of letter pictures was actually surprisingly difficult. I’d decided we would take pictures of shop signs and things whilst running errands in town. Only problem was the weather. -32 is a bit cold for standing outside trying to get the perfect picture… I did manage to get a few done before we had to take refuge in a shop to thaw out a fingers. I got a few more on our way to the bus. 

When we were walking home from the bus I was determined to snap some more. I had husband help me look out for naturally occurring letters. “Hey, does that look like an E or an F to you?” It was pretty fun, but still very cold so we didn’t stay out long.

When we got home we were still missing some letters, and had multiple choices for others. I went around the flat snapping pictures of letters on book titles, game cases, boxes… Finally we were only missing Q. I cheated a little on that one, and made one of the cats’ toys look like a Q. It works well enough, and I wasn’t sure where else to find it!

Even then I wasn’t finished. Whilst putting the gallery together for this post I found there were some pictures I really wasn’t happy with. As a result I ended up taking more to replace them with. Even so some of the pictures are better than others. Overall though I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


Lady Joyful

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