Photo-A-Day: January 23rd


"I find your lack of fabulous disturbing."
“I find your lack of fabulous disturbing.”

Husband’s computer has been having problems for a while. We think we’ve narrowed the issue down to being his motherboard. As the motherboard isn’t all that old we’ve sent it back and it’s going to be replaced. Problem is we don’t have a spare motherboard in working condition which means husband is now without a computer. It’s not a problem when I’m out working because he can just use mine. But if I’m home and need to use my computer (to write blog posts, for example!) he quickly gets bored – without his computer he has “nothing” to do.

The solution we came up with was colouring. I got some colouring books for Christmas and love them. We looked for some for him a few days ago but couldn’t find any he liked, so instead we took to Pinterest to find a few ideas which we have saved to print as and when he wants to do them. Today’s picture of the day is the first one he did. It’s a fairly simple picture but he had fun with it, and it kept him occupied which is the main thing!

When was the last time you coloured? Do you enjoy colouring? I find it a very peaceful pastime.


Lady Joyful

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