Photo-A-Day: January 31st

Over the last few days the weather has been warming up here in Finland. Last Monday I decided that I would cycle to work on Tuesday, the higher temperatures meaning I wouldn’t have to freeze my fingers off in the process! 

It was a very good thing that I made this decision a day ahead of time. If I’d decided it in the morning I might have ended up having to rush to change my plans. Because when I went to check on my bike, this is the sight that greeted me.

Despite being kept in the bike shed, where it was arguably somewhat protected from the ravages of the weather, my poor bike was covered in a thin layer of spiky ice crystals. Absolutely, completely covered. Thankfully being the evening before I wanted to use it we had time to rectify the problem. Husband carried the bike inside and up to our flat. We left it in the bathroom overnight, and by morning it was ice-free and ready to use.


Lady Joyful

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