Bright and Beautiful

VibrantWeekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Vibrant 

The photo challenge prompt this time around is vibrant. My first thought was that it would be a difficult prompt, considering how un-vibrant Finland is in the winter. (I suppose the Northern Lights could be considered vibrant, but I’ve yet to properly see them!)

I was discussing the prompt with my husband, and he mentioned what a pity it was that I’d already used this picture, because it’s pretty colourful! I’m glad he said that, because whilst I didn’t want to reuse the same picture I was able to photograph one of the other pieces he’s recently coloured.

The colours in this are very bold. Definitely vibrant. And I think the pattern itself is really quite stunning too. Nothing too complicated, but interesting enough to keep one’s attention.

So I decided to photograph that for my contribution for this prompt. I used the super macro setting on the camera because I like the depth of field it gave.

Hope you like it!


Lady Joyful


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