Simple Heart – For You

Simple Heart For YouI’ve decided to start doing card making challenges as a way to help me find inspiration and ideas for making cards. This is my first such card. Today’s card is a response to two challenges, one at Freshly Made Sketches, and the other at Daring Cardmakers.

The challenge from Freshly Made Sketches was to use the FMS223 layout to make a card. Here you can see the sketch they gave:

With the given sketch to help me create my basic layout I used the Daring Cardmakers challenge to help me choose my elements to use. Their challenge involved picking at least three elements from this picture:

The elements I chose to use were the heart shape, the deep pink-y purple from the flower on the table, and black and white inspired by the zebra patterned rug.

The overall result was a very simple card – both in looks and in the time and effort required to make it. I used a pre-cut and -folded card base in off-white. I cut 6 equal lengths of black and white twine which I just taped down onto the card. I experimented with having them spread more to be truer to the two-part backing in the sketch, and even toyed with the idea of plaiting some of the strands, but eventually decided it looked best joined together.

Next I cut the heart shape from glittered foam paper. Being fairly new to card making I don’t have a die cutter, punches, or even a craft knife(!) so I went with the trick I used for a previous card. I found a biscuit cutter in the shape I wanted, traced around that and cut it out with scissors. The paper I used had an adhesive backing so I just peeled that off and stuck it in place over the string. (At this point I trimmed the string, and tried to shape it slightly.)

Finally the sentiment. In keeping with the simple look I was going for I just used a rectangular piece of off-white card and stamped on it with black ink. The stamp I used came from this set, which is one of my most recent acquisitions. I stuck it on with foam squares (I believe they’re called dimensionals) to raise it slightly.

Simple Heart For You 2I’m relatively happy with the finished product. I think it meets the criteria of the challenges well enough. My main point of contention with the card is that I feel the heart is perhaps a bit too big and overshadows the string. Other than that I’m pleased. I like the simplicity of the card. I think the choice of sentiment was a good one too as I don’t yet have a specific purpose in mind for it. Whilst it would make a nice Valentine’s card husband and I don’t exchange them, so I think it may end up being a card for a wedding or anniversary. Alternatively it could be used as a birthday card.

So there we go. That’s my challenge entry. Whilst some of the challenges I’ve been looking at have prizes (I don’t remember if these do) I have no expectations of winning any. My hope is that entering these will help me learn and grow as a card maker. And perhaps other people will find inspiration from what I make too.


Lady Joyful


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