Butterfly Cut-Out Card

Butterfly Cut-Out CardAnother card post today – I’ve done a lot of those over the past few days! This one is not a challenge response, and is one I gave you a sneak peek of back when I posted my balloon card.

This card is a very simple one. I bought the butterfly punch a couple of months ago, and it’s one of the few punches I have. (The other one is a snowflake border punch.) When I started making cards I knew I wanted to try to make something using this punch, and this was the card I ended up with.

I first punched a couple of butterflies from a patterned red paper. As you can see from the image the pattern on the paper was simple white dots. I also punched some from a plain red paper. I played around with layouts for a while, trying to go with an odd number of red butterflies, and I wasn’t happy with it. Eventually I decided to effectively split the card by putting a matching red panel on one side of the card.

Butterfly Cut-Out Card 2I positioned the red butterflies onto the white side of the card. It seemed to make sense to use four butterflies there, but I wasn’t happy with having an even number of butterflies on the card. My solution, as you can see, was to add a white butterfly onto the red side of the card. I think it worked well.

Some of the edges on the butterflies are a little tattered where it didn’t quite cut properly. I’m not sure if that’s a problem with the punch (it was a very cheap one) or a problem with my technique. I also didn’t quite manage to get the red panel lined up properly, but I think I’m already getting better at that.

Butterfly Cut-Out Card 3This card doesn’t have a sentiment on it, mostly because I didn’t have any sentiment stamps at the time. The positive to that is that it means the card could be used for any occasion. As it was we sent it to my mother-in-law for her birthday.

Hope you like the card, and if you have any hints, tips or tricks for card making, share them in the comments below.


Lady Joyful


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