Bold Stripes

Bold StripesI have another card challenge response for you today! This is a response to the CAS(E) this Sketch challenge #159.

The challenge was to use the following layout. I only used the one challenge for today’s card, so it was all based off of this sketch.


When I first saw this challenge I didn’t think I was going to do it. I couldn’t think of any interesting pattern that I could do for the background. Not with the materials, stamps, etc. that I have available to me. And I wasn’t sure what sentiment I would use. I considered the ‘Happy’ stamp but it was too big for the card base I wanted to use, and would have overpowered the image.

I looked through my collection of papers to try to find some inspiration, and came across a package of origami paper. These particular papers are almost vellum like, with stripes of bright colour with stripes of opaque.

So then I thought, what if I used this paper as a background, and just stick a sentiment over that. But that seemed a bit too easy, a bit boring. Then I looked again at the sketch. Whilst sketches don’t need to be taken at face value, I liked the criss-cross pattern that this sketch had. And I realised that if I cut the paper into strips, perpendicular to the pattern, I could create a similar pattern.

And that’s what I did.

Bold Stripes 2I used my paper-cutter to cut the paper down into strips of approximately the same width. I chose to use gold/yellow stripes with blue stripes to really pop. Puzzling the pieces together to stick onto the card was actually more time-consuming than I expected. It was difficult to properly align the lines. And I hadn’t realised when I was cutting the paper that it’s not the same on both sides. One side is brighter than the other, and is clearly the “right” side, so I had to make sure all the pieces were right side up.

Once I’d worked out all the pieces I needed I stuck them carefully in place, and trimmed them down to make sure it properly fitted the card base. The result isn’t perfect, some of the lines don’t quite match, but it works well enough.

I still wasn’t sure about what sentiment to use. Looking at the card the main thing that struck me from it was “colour”, and I remembered that I have a stamp with wording about colour. Looking through my craft cupboard I found it – the exact wording was “Colour my world” which didn’t seem right. But then I remembered that the Happy Halftones set has “the world needs more” as one of its stamps, and I really liked the idea of putting that together with the “Colour” from “Colour my world”.

I chose inks that would match the colours on the card. I was actually surprised how well the colours matched – almost like they were made to go together! I stamped the sentiment onto a piece of offwhite card, and attached that to the front of the card with dimensionals.

I really like how this card turned out. The colours are really bold and bright, and the sentiment suits it well. The only things I would do to change it would be to get the stripes better aligned, and to do a better job of the stamping.

Let me know what you think!


Lady Joyful


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