Ice and Snow Wherever We Go

Ice and Snow Wherever We GoWeekly Photo Challenge Prompt – Seasons 


I was very amused by this week’s photo challenge prompt. Take a picture that depicts the season? Isn’t that basically all I’ve been doing all year? Seems like practically all the pictures I post are wintery!

I wanted to post a new picture for this challenge and this is the one I went for. The frozen, icy river, snowy walkway, and the warm-coated individual hurrying across the bridge depict winter here in Northern Finland pretty well. Or at least, this kind of late winter, approaching spring that we have at the moment.

If it was the depths of winter it would be much darker, and that figure on the bridge would be bundled up far more. When this picture was taken the temperature was 0 degrees celsius, whereas in “proper” wintertime it can get down to -30, or even lower!


Lady Joyful

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