Photo-A-Day: February 24th

February 24th 2016I mentioned seeing reindeer near the market in town this weekend. They weren’t the only animals there. We also saw a very large number of dogs. This picture shows one of them, waiting peacefully in the snow as its owner watched the reindeer racing.

We also saw a very sweet little puppy that was fascinated by the snow, kept trying to eat it’s lead, and was basking in the attention that being a puppy brings. It was really quite adorable, and I wanted to take it home with me. Don’t think the owner would have liked that…

Another dog (I nearly wrote card… I have cards on the brain, apparently) that we saw was some kind of poodle looking dog that had the most amazing afro like hairstyle. Very big and froofy and floppy.

I adore animals. You may have noticed. I would love to have a dog one day, but husband insists that three cats is enough pets for now. Especially considering our home is on the small side!


Lady Joyful


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