Photo-A-Day: February 25th

February 25th 2016Whilst we were out and about at the weekend we also went to a restaurant for our dinner. The restaurant classifies itself as Bangladeshi fast food, and has a name that is very similar to an English swear word but which is apparently a particular street food in Bangladesh.

The picture above shows the paratha which we started the meal with. It is garlic and chilli flavoured, with raita for dipping. The flavour was really quite delicious, though verging on too hot for my wimpy taste buds.

Actually as it turned out the whole meal was too hot for me, and I ended up unable to eat my main course. I must only have eaten about 5 forkfuls before I had to give up. And that was supposedly the mildest they make it!

It was a shame because beneath the heat the flavour did seem really good. And whilst I may have called my taste buds wimpy a few moments ago, usually I can handle some spice.

Anyway. I thought the presentation of this paratha was really lovely, so I couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with you all. And it doesn’t hurt that it adds a nice touch of colour to this series!


Lady Joyful


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