Pink Flowers

Pink FlowersThe card I’m posting today is a response to three challenges. Its layout comes from Freshly Made Sketches, with the look of the card being inspired by The Challenge, and the colours influenced by Color Throwdown.


The lay sketch given by Freshly Made Sketches for the layout is as below. It’s a fairly simple sketch, but it took me some time (and having a browse through the Design Team makes) to decide how I wanted to approach it.

The Challenge provided the below image for inspiration. I immediately picked up on the soft pink and green tones, as well as the grey-brown of the wood. I also liked the floral aspects.

Finally the Color Throwdown challenge was to use pink, light green and kraft, which seemed to fit in perfectly with the colour choices I’d picked out above.

I searched through my papers for a suitable floral design to use as my larger panel. I had a couple of different possibilities which I couldn’t decide between so I had my husband help me narrow it down. The one we settled on clearly meets the pink  part of the challenge, whilst also having a touch of the light green. I also noticed that one paper with a large floral pattern would work well so I decided to fussy cut one of those flowers to be the focal point on the card.

Pink Flowers 2The biggest challenge was finding the kraft colour to use in the set. I was really struggling, and was considering using some cardboard as that was all I could find. Then I remember some paper I’d bought which has a musical note pattern, and the reverse side of it was plain and seemed to work perfectly. I considered using that as the smaller panel, but then decided to use it to mount both panels.

Deciding on the paper for the small panel was a bit trickier. I knew I wanted something patterned rather than plain, but it had to be something that wouldn’t clash with the other panel or the large flower. In the end I chose the paper that you can see in the picture, which has simple wording on it. (Can you work out where the wording is from? I was surprised how quickly I recognised it!)

Pink Flowers 3With the papers chosen it was just a matter of measuring, cutting, and layering them together. I used my roller adhesive to adhere the panels, then added the large flower on dimensionals. I considered adding a sentiment but decided the card looks better without.

I’m very happy with how this card turns out. I like the layers and the colours, and I love how simple it looks. Plus it was pretty easy to make!


Lady Joyful


13 thoughts on “Pink Flowers

    1. Well the balloon is one I made before seeing the prompt that I entered it too. Challenges serve as a starting point / inspiration, so it helps my creativity 🙂 And it’s not like they tell you exactly what to make! That said I will probably post some that are unrelated to challenges shortly (although I like to try and link them into challenges when I can.)


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