Photo-A-Day: February 28th

February 28th 2016In an effort to be a bit healthier I’ve started walking to and from work more. I still have my bus ticket to make use of, so I’ve been doing that I walk to my closer job in the morning’s that I’m working there (because the buses are rubbish and inevitably make me late…) and then get the bus home in the evening. My further job is too far for me to walk all the way there, so I get two buses to get there in the morning, then swap off the first bus early on the way home and walk from there.

This means that I end up walking a minimum of 2,5km on my work journey each day. Plus it helps me avoid the worse of the crowds on the bus. Win-win.

I snapped the above picture when I was walking home from my further job. I thought it was pretty. Those branches look really weighted down by all that snow! I’m trying to think how they looked when they weren’t snow-covered but I can’t remember. I guess this is another picture I should retake in the summer for comparison purposes!


Lady Joyful

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