Leap-ToadstoolI had a hard time deciding what to make for this card. The two main themes I had for it were fantasy (from Suzy Bee’s Bloomin’ Challenge) and cute (from ABC challenges). I have some stamps on my to-buy list that would fit the theme perfectly, but I didn’t expect them to arrive in time. And I’m trying to slow down on buying new stamps.

I should probably also point out here that I used a third challenge in the creation of this card. The layout is from the Mojo Monday challenge. I changed it up a bit to make it fit the pre-made card base I had.



So. Cute fantasy. Of course that made me think of fairies. At first I was thinking I could use one of my butterfly stamps to make fairy wings, and just draw a body to go with it. Nice idea, but after multiple attempts at drawing I gave up. It just wasn’t working.

Instead I went hunting around the internet for a digital stamp to use. Preferably a free one. (Because I spent almost all my fun money for the month when I bought this stamp set.) Initially I was just looking for a figure and still considering using a butterfly stamp for wings, but couldn’t find anything suitable. And then I spotted this.


It seemed to be perfect! Cute and fantasy. I wanted to hand colour it, so I printed it out at the size I needed, took it to my light box and traced it onto thicker paper using my fine liner. Turns out my fine liner isn’t very good, and decided to bleed… It wasn’t too bad, so I figured I’d start colouring and see if that helped. Nope.

Back to the drawing board.

Then I thought, if I’m using a digi stamp, why not colour it digitally too? So that’s what it did. It took my quite a long time, and for speed I decided to just use flat colours rather than trying to shade it.


I printed it onto the same thicker paper I’d tried to colour it on. It’s a tiny bit pixel-y, but only from close up. I added a few dabs of glitter glue to give him some sparkle.

Then I needed to decide what to do for the rest of the card. (I was seriously running out of time at this point as I had a lot I needed to be doing!)

I cut out a circle from the same thicker paper (drawing around a tin of moisturiser to get the shape, as I had for this card.) Found a flower from my new stamp set that was about the same size as the circle so I stamped that on. I went for silver because I wanted it to be subtle. Then I stamped the sentiment over the top in black.

For the strip of paper I knew I wanted a pop of colour, but I wasn’t sure what. I had a look through my stash of scraps and found the piece I used, which I didn’t have to cut down at all. It was the perfect size. It actually has a floral design on it, which I didn’t want visible. Conveniently enough it gets covered by the other panels, so it worked out really well.

Leap-Toadstool 2Overall I’m pretty happy with how this card turned out. I think it adequately meets the challenge prompts. In terms of improvements, I feel like I maybe should have used a panel of colour as the background of the card, but then again I do like it being CAS.


Lady Joyful


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