Photo-A-Day: April 4th

April 4th 2016Yesterday I briefly mentioned the wetness that the spring thaw is bringing. Here you can see it first hand. The snow melts in the warmer temperatures, causing huge puddles and even some flooded areas. Then when the temperature inevitably drops back down below freezing in the night, those giant puddles ice over. This picture shows that really clearly!


It’s hard to tell from the picture but this is actually right next to the path from yesterday’s picture. In fact it comes right up to the path, where the liquid water below the ice trickles over the path and down the slope the other side. It makes a very pretty little waterfall of sorts. I tried to get a picture of it but unfortunately it didn’t come out very well. And I don’t think you’d be impressed with me posting a picture of wet mud!


Lady Joyful


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