Photo-A-Day: May 14th

May 14th 2016I was complaining to husband today about how I’ve worked through the pictures I’d pre-taken for this series, and that I never seem to remember to take pictures for it. (And when I do remember, I don’t have the camera with me…) Husband suggested that I used some of my old pictures that I’d taken back when this blog was nothing more than a twinkle in my eye. Pretty good idea!

I started looking through old pictures with the idea that I would find one to use today. Except I kept finding more and more pictures that I loved! I’ve ended up choosing enough pictures to almost get us through to the end of the month. The one I’m using today (as well as those up to and including the 20th) was taken on a trail through a wooded area near our old home. It was a very lovely walk and I got lots of nice pictures from it!


Lady Joyful


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