Photo-A-Day: June 3rd

June 3rd 2016I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of spiders. And most people who know me will probably tell you that that’s an understatement. Recently though, I’ve gained a new appreciation for them. Why? Well, because I hate mosquitoes more. It seems we currently live in the mosquito capital of the country. When we take the dog out in the evening for his walk he frequently has a cloud of mosquitoes around him. Husband thinks it’s good we have him as a mosquito magnet, keeping them away from us. Only problem is, it doesn’t work. Mosquitoes love to snack on me for some reason. I have received probably more than 15 bites in the last few days. Most of those are in my hair! Ugh.

Spiders, if you’re reading this (which you aren’t, because spiders can’t read. And if spiders ever learn to read that’s a whole new thing to be worrying about… Back on topic though…) please eat all the mosquitoes. All of them. Thanks.


Lady Joyful


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