Photo-A-Day: June 19th

June 19th 2016About six months after we’d started dating my husband was visiting me in England. In fact we were having a “get-together” with a whole group of internet friends coming over to visit. My older brother and I (mainly me 😉 ) hosted the get-together (at our mum’s – we were still living at home, at least when not at uni!), and took our friends around the county visiting different places.

In one of the towns we visited (I forget which, though I remember there was a very impressive church we went to) I bought this skull for husband, possibly as a belated birthday present. It’s quite a heavy thing. I believe it is intended as a paper weight. It’s lived on husband’s desk ever since, as an ornament of sorts.

It’s a bit scuffed from being knocked off the table a couple of times. And the poor thing also gets abused occasionally, having odd things put on it. Round sweets sat into the eye sockets, Christmas hats set atop of it, that sort of thing. At the moment, as you can just about see in the picture, it is sporting a lovely bouquet of flowers (which came on the front of a card for our wedding) slipped in behind what I believe is the zygomatic arch, assuming I’m remembering my anatomy lessons correctly! There’s also a keyring looped around there too.

Some people would find this skull to be quite an unusual, perhaps morbid, ornament. Not me. I think it’s kind of cute! Does that make me weird?


Lady Joyful


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