Photo-A-Day: June 20th

June 20th 2016I haven’t missed a single day doing this series. Not one day since I started back at the beginning of the year. That’s pretty amazing for me. It’s probably the most consistent I’ve ever been with my blogging. And knowing that makes me determined not to give in when I feel like skipping a day. When I’ve had a day that’s super busy, don’t have a picture ready, and am exhausted. A day like today, when I’ve been extra long at work (with travel included it has been almost 12 hours!), and had to make a card, write this post plus two card posts, plus prepare an activity to take to work for tomorrow.

There are other things I ought to be getting done but I’m not sure I’m going to manage. It’s already gone ten here, and I still have one card post to write and the craft to prepare before I can go to bed.

But my point was, despite all that I managed to take and share a picture with you. It may not be the best picture I’ve taken. It may be a bit blurry and perhaps not the most interesting subject matter. But it’s a picture. And that’s what counts.


Lady Joyful


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