Photo-A-Day: June 23rd

June 23rd 2016Today was the last day with one of the families I nanny for. I have a couple more days with the other family after which I’m done for the summer, and then we’ll be moving South to start my new job in August.

I always take craft things to do, but as it was the last day I decided to take a larger selection and go without a plan in mind. Basically I was giving her free reign to craft whatever she wanted. The top picture shows what she made, and in the second picture you can see all the things I had taken.June 23rd 2016 bThey are in the order she made them, starting from the pink one and going clockwise. I think she lost steam a bit with the last two! The blue one is the sea, with a lovely fish. She didn’t tell me what the others are depicting.


Lady Joyful

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: June 23rd

  1. Lol! How sweet, I think I’ve kept all the cards and little things that my two made me, including something that looks like a hollow snake-I am reliably informed it was supposed to be a totem pole…!

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      1. Exactly! Actually it helps that the children I look after have the language difference (they’re Finnish, I use English with them to help them learn) so I can just ask them to tell me how to say what it is in Finnish πŸ˜› Then they think they’re teaching me a word rather than me not knowing what the picture is πŸ˜‰

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