Photo-A-Day: June 24th

June 24th 2016It’s been a warm and sunny day today. We’ve had our ceiling fan on as a result, and I decided to try to get a picture of it spinning. It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped but never mind. It was interesting to play with the settings on my camera to try to get just the right amount of blur. The automatic setting didn’t really pick up the fan at all. The highest setting (1600) made it look almost completely still. The next highest (800) is what I used in the picture above. I think something in between those two would be better but my camera didn’t have anything in between as a preset. Maybe I’ll have a look in the deeper settings at some point to try and work out how to do it!Love,

Lady Joyful


17 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: June 24th

      1. Yeah I think it’s shutter speed, although I don’t believe digital cameras have actual shutters though! (Is it weird that I loved the shutter sound on my old film SLR?) The setting I was fiddling is ISO which is the camera sensitivity 🙂

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      2. Ask him to get one for me too 😉 I miss my SLR! I tried to get my brother to give me his dSLR that he rarely uses but he won’t pout It is definitely on my list of things to save up for. Actually I should probably find my old SLR (the film one) and check in case the lenses for that would be compatible with a digital one.

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      3. At the moment he is using a trusty Pentax Asahi film camera… I just asked him about lenses as he is messing with an Olympus at the moment and he says that some SLR lenses can be used on DSLRs, some need adaptors if that’s any help…!

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      4. It does, thanks! 🙂 I honestly can’t remember what my SLR is… I should ask my dad (it used to be his!) Not even sure where it is… Probably at my mum’s in a box!

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      5. Well, now he’s home I asked him about the blurry light thing… apparently it is shutter speed, the lower the shutter speed, the more blurry motion is captured… If that makes sense! Might be fun to see if you can find your old camera, getting black and white film is quite affordable my son says 🙂

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      6. ISO is the equivalent of film speed (sensitivity). Your camera must be in a semi automatic mode where if you change the film speed to a lower number (so that the virtual “film” needs more light) the camera compensates by itself changing to a slower shutter speed to let in more light. There will almost certainly be a setting somewhere to force a fixed shutter speed.

        NB: “The Canon AE-1 Program is one of the most popular cameras of all time, and for very good reason: it is a spectacular camera.”

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      7. Thank you for the information 🙂 Yes I expect there is a setting if I have a proper search.
        That certainly does look like the same camera 😀 Must try and find it when I’m back in England.


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