Gingham Onesie

Gingham OnesieI have a shaped card for you today. It is a response to four challenges. Moving Along With The Times asked for a new baby card. Allsorts Challenge requested that gingham be used. Craftyhazelnut’s Patterned Paper challenged the use of patterned paper, and Little Miss Muffet said that anything goes! I was also inspired by this video that shows how to make a baby onesie card.

I started by making the shape of the card. I followed the tutorial in the video, step by step, to make the template on a piece of scratch paper. I then copied the template onto some white card I’d folded in half, and carefully cut it out. This process would be a lot easier and faster (and give a neater result) if I had a die cutting machine. But it turned out well enough.

Next I used the template again, this time on a piece of pink and white gingham patterned paper. I cut that out and stuck it onto the card base, using Tombow Multi Mono Liquid glue so that I could slide it exactly into place. My template must have slipped because whilst the top half lined up perfectly the leg holes didn’t. It was easy enough to fix just by trimming everything to match up properly.

Next I got thinking about how I wanted to decorate the onesie. I decided to keep it pretty simple and just add some edging to the neck, arms and legs. I made these by tracing the openings onto some of the leftover white card I had, then making a scallop effect. Initially I intended to freehand the scallop but it didn’t work. Then I had the idea to draw around my craft knife’s lid/protector.

I took the strip for the arms and lined the circular base of the lid up to one corner, then drew around it to make a small circle. I then moved the lid along so that the next circle would touch the first, and drew around it again. I continued in the same manner until the piece was as long as I needed, then cut out the scalloped edge. I repeated the technique to make the edging for the other arm, the neck and both legs. When the white edges were ready I used the same liquid glue to stick them in place, and trimmed away any overhang.

At this point I was happy with the card but felt it still needed something more. I decided to add a little ribbon, which I made using a piece of narrow, pale pink ribbon. I then glued it in place with a dot of liquid glue. I considered adding some buttons too, but didn’t have any that worked colourwise.

Gingham Onesie 2I’m pretty happy with how this card turned out. As I said, it would have been much easier with a die cutter, and I’m still very much looking forward to the day I manage to get one! But I think it worked well enough and looks like a very sweet new baby girl card.


Lady Joyful


27 thoughts on “Gingham Onesie

    1. I would say not so much complicated as time consuming. I’d actually planned to do two cards today, but I started late and this one took so long that I decided not to do the other. I think it turned out really well though, and I’d love to make these for my (eventual…) Etsy store. Maybe not until I have my die cutting machine and can do them faster though!

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      1. Flower shapes too…when my son was at school they had a laser cutting machine that they could programme via the computer, think it was called cadcam. Just checked the prices of them, roundabout £1000(gulp) but there must be a cheaper alternative to use for card.

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      2. The die cutting machine I’ve been looking at comes in a bundle which is about 350€, and includes a random selection of dies and embossing folders. I just had a quick search and found a Silhouette (which, similarly to the cadcam, is something you can use your computer with to make shapes – at least as far as I understand) and it starts from about $230. Can’t emboss with those though.

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      3. That’s actually quite reasonable, more so than cadcam because that cuts plastic as well. Whichever way you look at it, it would be a good investment, especially for your internet shop! Not sure about embossing, unless you can get pre-embossed pieces…have you ever tried quilling? My sister does that- I’ve no patience….!

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      4. I think you can buy pre-embossed papers, but I like the idea of having the freedom to do it myself 🙂 Yes the prices aren’t too bad. I’m trying to save up for the die cutter bundle, but I keep spending all my craft money on stamps..! I’ve not tried quilling, no. It does look interesting though.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you think it looks neat. It’s hard for me to not see all the little places where it’s not perfect. Darn my perfectionism 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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