Photo-A-Day: July 3rd

July 3rd 2016I don’t know about you, but I think I might need to tidy up my craft supplies..!

This box is far from being all of my supplies. The box goes into the bottom section of my desk’s cupboard. The top half of the cupboard is also full to bursting. My papers are filling the bottom half of husband’s desk’s cupboard. I have a folder full of my clear stamps which lives on a bookshelf, and a few other things that end up floating around on my computer desk, or various other places in the nearby area.

I’ll admit, the chaos does make it a bit difficult to find things at times!

I want to build myself a craft station. I saw a fold away craft cupboard/work area combination which looks fabulous, but costs a lot of money and I doubt I could get it shipped from England to Finland anyway! Some lovely friends over on the YNAB forums suggested I Ikea hack something similar, which is what I expect I’ll end up doing. I came across a tutorial or two, did a bit of investigating and have come up with my own version that I want to try.

First though, I need to save up for the furniture needed to build it (a few hundred euros). Plus it should probably wait until after we’ve moved to the new place. I’m already super excited about it though. It’ll be so much fun to actually create it, and such a wonderful feeling to have a proper storage area for my craft stuff! (And a better surface to work out than my computer desk… Not much space here! Sure, I could use the kitchen table, but… I don’t.)


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 3rd

    1. I’m not sure I have anywhere to keep a bigger box!

      Actually… We might already have one I could use. I have a feeling there’s an empty plastic box under the bed. I’ll have to have a look!

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