Photo-A-Day: July 6th

July 6th 2016Five minutes before I took this picture, Lola was yelling for food. Three minutes before this picture I gave Lola her food. Two minutes before this picture, Lola sniffed her food and decided she’d rather take a nap. What a cat.

Two minutes after I took this picture I went to move Lola’s food so that the boys wouldn’t steal it, and managed to drop it on the floor, making quite a mess. Luckily Sampson came and cleared it up..!


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 6th

  1. Lola is beautiful! Apparently I ignore meowed instructions quite a lot and open what is clearly the WRONG food. Or, like Lola, the ‘not what I want right now’ food.

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    1. Unfortunately for Lola she is only allowed the one food, so it’s that or nothing! (She has digestive troubles, and it’s the only one we’ve found that doesn’t make her sick all the time. Even so she is still sick about once a week… Poor thing!)

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      1. Oh, poor thing. Lucky you found one that she can tolerate. Some cats are just like that. Comes from being special!

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