Photo-A-Day: July 6th

July 6th 2016Five minutes before I took this picture, Lola was yelling for food. Three minutes before this picture I gave Lola her food. Two minutes before this picture, Lola sniffed her food and decided she’d rather take a nap. What a cat.

Two minutes after I took this picture I went to move Lola’s food so that the boys wouldn’t steal it, and managed to drop it on the floor, making quite a mess. Luckily Sampson came and cleared it up..!


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 6th

  1. Lola is beautiful! Apparently I ignore meowed instructions quite a lot and open what is clearly the WRONG food. Or, like Lola, the ‘not what I want right now’ food.

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