Photo-A-Day: July 7th

July 7th 2016I hadn’t intended to post another cat picture today, but Lola was being far too cute to resist. She sometimes likes to sleep on top of husband’s computer. (She’s slept on mine once or twice, but has avoided it since the time she sleep-sneezed and fell off…) Next to the computer is a small cat tree, and it’s just the right height that she sometimes stretches out in her sleep and rests one leg on top of the tree. Truly adorable.

In other news, today is the anniversary of me moving to Finland. I have now been here for six years!


Lady Joyful


6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 7th

    1. Thanks! It is a lovely place (although were we live at the moment has far too many mosquitoes for my liking!)

      Ha, funny story… When I first moved here we were living with husband’s parents. They knew I’d always had cats, and in the summer husband’s mum told us we could get a kitten if we wanted. Of course I wanted! The local rescue place had some kittens in at the time, and when we were looking at the pictures online there were five scrawny kittens – two black and white, and three white (with a little black, all different). Husband looked at the scrawny white ones and said “let’s get a black and white one, they look cuter”! As it turned out, only two kittens were still available when we arrived, and they were both white ones. (And we ended up taking both!) They may have started life as scrawny, “ugly”, and a bit rat-looking, but they sure ended up pretty! 😉 (I think the photos just weren’t very flattering, I remember them being adorable when we went to meet them!)

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      1. Aahh! Poor babies! Glad they have a happy home with you now and Lola definitely no longer looks rattish! Charlie was tiny, cross and very she’s a bit bigger, sometimes grumpy and possessor of a musical meow!

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      2. Unfortunately her sister is no longer around 😦 We lost her a couple of years ago. But yes, they both lost their rattish look fairly soon!

        Charlie sounds like Sampson. He was so tiny when we got him, but he’s a huge lump of a thing now, and often gets hangry!

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