Flowers with a Purple Pop

Flowers with a Purple PopSometimes I go into making a card without a plan. And other times, like with this one, I spend the whole day thinking about what exactly I am going to do before finally getting down to business.

Three challenges inspired me for this challenge. The layout comes from Freshly Made Sketches. The colour scheme is from CAS on Sunday‘s challenge*, which is black, white and one colour – I chose purple. And Cupcake Inspirations asked for flowers.

Part of what had me ruminating for so long is that oval in the layout. I do like the look of curved elements on a card, but I am rubbish at cutting them out, and as my die cutter has not yet arrived I thought long and hard about how best to approach it. Then of course I had the “well, duh!” moment when I realised I don’t have to stick to an oval shape. I didn’t want to go with a rectangle because that seemed too samey. So I decided I would go for a diamond.

I also knew I didn’t want to make a panel for the shape. I wanted to ink it up. I only have two distress inks at the moment, and as the orange is going to be used in a similar way for a card I’m making at the weekend I decided I would use the purple – Seedless Preserves – this time.

First I marked my white panel to work out the positioning of the masking. I then started laying my masks down before remembering that I needed to mask out where my flowers would go. (Another thing I’d been thinking about through the day!) I chose to use the flowers from My Mind’s Eye My Girl stamp set rather than the more realistic flowers that I usually use. It seemed like it would work better for the effect I was going for.

I stamped the larger flower from the set eight times (I ended up not using one) onto a couple of post-it notes, making sure to be lined up with where the sticky edge was. I then fussy cut them and played around with positioning on the diamond that I’d lightly marked out. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t look too ordered, but at the same time I didn’t want any large empty spaces.

Once I was happy with the positioning I masked off the diamond itself and started the process of inking. I picked up some of the ink on my designated sponge, and started by dabbing off onto scratch paper as I didn’t want too dark a look. I then started applying the ink in light circular motions over the actual card. It was a bit difficult as my masks kept slipping (I need to invest in some proper masking paper, I think. These cheap post-it notes don’t cut it!) so I had to try holding a couple of flowers in place with one hand, inking around those, and then repeating the process with the next lot.

When I was happy with the inking I removed all the masking. Then it was time to stamp the flowers. Normally I’m a bit of a perfectionist about trying to make sure everything lines up perfectly but I wanted to try and be a bit different with this card. I made sure to line the flowers up to a certain extent, but without being too accurate. This allowed for a slight white “shadow” to be left around the flowers in some spots, which I think works really well. (Better on those where the masks didn’t slip and the shadow is clearer!)

The last part I needed to make was the sentiment. I took one from Avery Elle’s Petal Panel as the font seemed like it would work really well with the overall look of the card. I dug through my scraps stash (because I’d realised I have far too many strips of white, and really should use some up!) to find a piece that was the right size for my sentiment. I then stamped the sentiment in the same ink as the flowers – Memento Tuxedo Black. I cut tails into either end of the strip to make it into a banner shape.

As I was working out the positioning for the banner I realised it looked a bit too stark against the card base. I took my still inky sponge and, without adding more ink, daubed a very light layer all around the edge of the banner. It is very light and does not show in the photo. I then took more ink on the sponge and applied a darker line just along the very edge.

Initially I had been planning on adhering the banner on foam tape, but after the inking it had started to curve slightly and I decided I liked the look of that so I went ahead and curled it a bit more. I realised I should probably stick the stamped panel onto the card base before adding the banner. As I’m running low on white card (other than scraps!) I chose to use black card to make my card base. I cut the piece of A4 card in half, scored and folded it, then trimmed off the little bit of excess. I trimmed down the stamped panel to allow the black card base to show properly around the edges, then used my tape runner to adhere it in place. For the banner I used a combination of tape runner and foam squares – a single layer on the left, and a double layer towards the centre – to maintain the wavy look.

Flowers with a Purple Pop 2I’m really happy with how this turned out. I’m glad I pushed my comfort zone in allowing it to be a bit messier, and not obsessing over alignment of the stamps and getting the masking perfect. I think the card works better for having that little bit of messiness to it. I’m also proud of myself for experimenting with the layout a bit, because I have a tendency to take the sketches as law when really I should be using them as a starting point and inspiration, and allowing my imagination and creativity to do the rest. I should trust myself more! Challenges don’t always have to be taken at face value.


Lady Joyful

*Apparently I wrote down the wrong time/date for the CAS on Sunday challenge closing and missed the linky. I’m still mentioning it though because it did strongly influence the making of this card!

18 thoughts on “Flowers with a Purple Pop

  1. Bravo to you for going a bit out of your comfort zone with your design! I love the choice of a diamond for the main shape. And the little flowers look really good with a bit of white showing around the petals. Thanks for playing along with us at Freshly Made Sketches!

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    1. Thanks! I guess I’m the opposite in a way – I like having challenges to work from because then I don’t have to come up with something off the top of my head. (Although I do that too sometimes!) I like having a starting point to work from 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Applauding your steps outside your comfort zone in designing your card! The colours, the shape, the flowers: sooooo pretty! Thank you for sharing your creativity in the Cupcakes Inspiration challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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