Photo-A-Day: July 9th

July 9th 2016Sampson is a sun magnet. As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve had a lot of rain and grey weather recently, but the moment any sun appears Sampson manages to find it and lie in it. I actually wrote a post recently about his attraction to sunlight.
I’ve noticed that my photos recently have been more cat-focused. I guess that’s what comes of being on holiday! Or, you know, home more, now that I’m not working for the time being. We actually will be on holiday in a couple of weeks time. I’ve not yet decided whether to try to pre-schedule posts for the time that we are away, or just try to do them while we’re there… I’m leaning more towards pre-scheduling, but it may end up being a bit of both!


Lady Joyful


4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 9th

    1. Holiday pictures would certainly go up at some point in any case. I need pictures for when we come back anyway, as I’m not sure how much opportunity I’ll have for photographing what with starting the new job and so on!


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