Photo-A-Day: July 12th

July 12th 2016Here’s one of the flower photographs I took yesterday. I love all the different textures in this, with the combination of the closed buds and the almost fluffy open flowers.

I’m considering moving this photo a day series over to be on my original blog. Sometimes these posts end up being a bit like a ramble, life-blog style. I talk about different things that are going on, for example. That seems more suitable for being over there, which would allow me to dedicate this blog to card-making (and any other crafting I may do from time to time.) What do you think? Does that seem like a good idea? If I do decide to do it I will probably transition at the start of the new month.


Lady Joyful


10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 12th

  1. I suggest you stick with them here otherwise it will make for a confusing archive without a whole year of pictures on either blog.


    1. If I moved I would move all posts from the beginning of the year over to The Joyful Soul (I can set them so they appear as though they had been posted there on the correct days), and then would probably also remove them all from here.


      1. Will all the likes and comments follow the correct post? Seems like work to no purpose, after all photos are creative.

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      2. I’m not sure. I think probably don’t. Your reasoning is sound 🙂 I will consider it a bit more, but I think you might have convinced me! 🙂


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