Purple Christmas Vines

Purple Christmas VinesHere is the other card I made! This one took me a lot longer – about an hour in total. I recorded myself making it and spent longer trying to edit the video than I did making the card, because the software kept crashing! So I’ve given up on it. Better luck next time, I suppose. Anyway. This card is a response to two challenges. The layout comes from Retrosketches, and the theme of Christmas comes from Craftyhazelnut’s Christmas Challenge which also requested the use of purple. Other challenges that asked for Christmas are TCP Tuesday, Craftyhazelnut’s Christmas Challenge ExtraOne Crazy Stamper, and Christmas at Sweet Stampin’.

I started by choosing which paper I wanted to use from the purples available to me. Once I had one chosen I trimmed it small enough to run through my Big Shot with the swirly vines sizzlet. I ran it through four times to create four little vines, then played around to work out how I wanted to arrange them.

Next I used my hexagon framelits to create a little frame. I used the 6th and 8th hexagons (if the largest is counted as the 1st). I found some gold card to use for making the hexagon frame, as gold goes nicely with purple. Also I thought it might give it a bit more Christmas-y feel!

Once the frame was made I worked out the best way to arrange the vines with the frame. This was quite a slow and fiddly job, because the vines are very delicate. Once I was happy with the arrangement I tacked them in place on the frame with post-it note, just so they’d stay whilst I did the other necessary prep.

I cut two little banners from the Carta Bella die set that I’d used in yesterday’s card. I used a scrap of white card for those. I then stamped them with a sentiment. The “happy” comes from Altenew’s Super Script and the “holidays” is from their Halftone Happy. I also trimmed a length of the gold card to go down the side of the card.

I decided to start assembling at this point. I used my tape runner to adhere the gold strip to the edge of a pre-cut white panel. I then remembered the ribbon in the sketch. I couldn’t find any ribbon that seemed suitable, but the black and white twine I had seemed like it would work, so I wrapped some of that around the top of the card in place of ribbon.

Before sticking the hexagonal frame to the base panel I needed to properly attach the vines to it. I replaced the post-it note with a small amount of clear tape on the back of the frame. I then put some Tombow onto a piece of scrap paper as if it were a palette, and used a cocktail stick to pick up a little at a time to apply to the delicate vines so that I could adhere those to the frame where they overlapped it.

The frame itself was attached to the front of the card using foam squares to help it pop. Once that was in place I used a bit more Tombow behind the vines to adhere the relevant parts to the card base.

I decided to attach the banners so that they went to the edge of the frame rather than all the way to the edge of the panel as the layout suggests. I put a foam square at the tail end of each, then used Tombow on the part that overlapped the frame. As a final touch I added a silver sequin to embellish each of the vines.

I didn’t immediately mount it onto a card base as I’m so low on card that I wasn’t sure what I could use for it. I did go back a bit later though and folded a card base from the same gold card I had used for the frame and the strip down the side.

Purple Christmas Vines 2I am very happy with this card, which is good considering how long it took me! I would love to remake this as a birthday card. That said there are a couple of things I dislike. The sentiment, for starters. It didn’t stamp well, and I don’t think it looks right in any case. I didn’t really have a lot of choice for what to use on the tiny banners though. Also I didn’t get the wispy bits off of my die cut vines. But I guess that’s something I’ll remember as I get more practice with using my Big Shot!


Lady Joyful

19 thoughts on “Purple Christmas Vines

      1. It did ask for an update part way through, so I did that but it made no difference. I’ve been looking online for solutions (despite it being almost 1am now!) and not having much luck. Seems like the software is notorious for crashing in the way it has been doing for me, but I can’t seem to find any way to fix it!

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      2. Movie Maker is what I’m using :/ Based on all the things I read I think I have an idea what caused it to break (because it was working fine with the unboxing video, and broke after that!) So I’m uninstalling and reinstalling it, will avoid doing the thing I think broke it, and then see if it works. If not I’ll look into an alternative. Please thank your son for the suggestions 🙂

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  1. Whatever it took to make your card was worth it, the result is wonderful. I’m will keep an eye open for future videos. Thanks for joining us at The Cat’s Pajamas for TCP Tuesday!

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