Photo-A-Day: July 31st

July 31st 2016I decided to take a break from the flower pictures today. Partly because I couldn’t be bothered to load the laptop up! I really need to sort that tomorrow…

Anyway, this picture was also taken in England. Not on the camera, hence being a bit pixelly, but I don’t think it matters because you can still see the cuteness! That’s my brother’s dog, Wispa. She’s absolutely adorable and very excitable. And the hat she’s wearing was one I’d bought myself only a couple of hours earlier. Wispa desperately wanted to eat it! But then, she wants to eat everything..!


Lady Joyful


5 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 31st

    1. It’s definitely a great name 😀 We have(/had) a couple of other labs in the (extended) family and they have(/had) chocolate based names too. Aw, I bet the antlers would be adorable! Wispa would eat them though 😛 She eats everything! Typical chocolate lab!

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