Photo-A-Day: August 3rd

August 3rd 2016This flower is so pretty – big, bold and beautiful! I really like the texture in it with all those curled and folded petals. Just absolutely lovely.

Today has been quite the day! We were without power for nearly six hours, because the nearby road improvement works managed to cut a cable or something. The upside was I had plenty of time for card making, so long as I didn’t need to use anything electrical!

Honestly I’m getting fed up of the road works. The big vehicles going past make our windows shake. Sometimes the floor too! And something they’ve been doing makes this constant bass noise that is barely audible but really gets in your ears and just feels uncomfortable…

But I’ll be moving away this weekend! Which means poor husband will have to put up with the road works (and everything else!) all on his own.


Lady Joyful


9 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: August 3rd

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    1. No, definitely not! I’m starting a new job in another city and our flat there won’t be ready until October (officially at least – should be able to move in September 30th). I’m going to be living with husband’s aunt, and he’s staying in our old(/current) flat in the other city until our new flat is ready.

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