Photo-A-Day: August 5th

August 5th 2016Today has been a crazily busy day. Tomorrow I will be moving to the capital area where I will be staying with husband’s aunt, with my job starting on Monday. (Husband will be joining me at the very end of September when our flat is ready.)

As such I’ve spent most of the day sorting things for the move. Packing of course was a big part of that. I had to make sure I have clothes for basically all weather. The weather shouldn’t turn too cold before we move into our flat so I don’t need my winteriest clothes, but even so.

I also, of course, had to pack some of my craft supplies! There’s a lot I won’t be able to take, and I had to be quite selective, but I should still be able to make cards which is a relief as I find it a good way to relax.

Packing wasn’t all I had to sort though. I prepared all the photo-a-day posts from now until 25th September. The posts are not scheduled or written yet, but the pictures are all ready to go which should make my life easier. I also prepared pictures for a few special photo posts that I will share over the next few weeks.

My laptop had to be sorted too. Obviously I can’t take my desktop computer with me, so I needed to make sure that I have any files, programmes, etc. that I need ready on my laptop. Husband helped with that!

What else? Well, I also wrote all the birthday cards that will need to be sent in September (Augusts are all done already) so that husband can just send them off at the appropriate times.

And I made a card today. That post will be coming shortly. Actually there’s two card posts today, but one of the cards was made a few days ago. I guess I’ll go and sort those posts now!


Lady Joyful

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