Photo-A-Day: August 7th

August 7th 2016It’s strange trying to get into a new routine in a new place. Made stranger by the many times I’ve thought of something to say to husband, turn to say it, and realise he isn’t there. Sure I can send him a message, it’s just not the same!

But I was talking about a new routine…Β 

During the week of course most of my time will be taken up by work. The commute from where I’m staying takes about an hour which on a normal day will mean leaving at about 6:30 each morning and getting home at 17:00. I’m really not a morning person and getting up at ~5:30 will take some getting used to!

My time at evenings and weekends will no doubt be made up of cooking, eating, and plenty of card making! And lots of early nights too… Hopefully I adapt to it quickly.


Lady Joyful

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