Gradient Butterfly Birthday

Gradient Butterfly BirthdayThis card was a bit of an experiment. I didn’t plan at all, just sat down and got started, with a few challenges in mind to guide me. The challenges are: My Favorite Things Sketch Challenge; Lawnscaping Challenge‘s patterned palooza; and Mod Squad‘s bordered sentiment (no flowers). 

I decided I would make a pattern for the main area of the card. Looking through my stamps for inspiration I spotted the Prima Sunrise Sunset stamp. It’s been a while since I last used this stamp, and I immediately knew that it was the one I wanted to use for today’s card. I wanted to make a gradient so I looked through my pigment inks. Originally I was thinking I’d go from purple to pink, but as I had so many pinky shades I felt it was necessary to add in a blue at the bottom.

At first I planned to do the gradient from corner to corner, but I quickly realised that would be very complicated to do properly so I changed to having each colour go straight across. I used my MISTI to help keep everything lined up. There are a few places where the positioning didn’t work out but I’m certain that’s down to user error!

Starting at the bottom I stamped one line of squares in my blue. I then moved the stamp across to complete the line on the other half of the card. I then took my next colour and stamped that. To help soften the gradient I bought the second colour down slightly into the first line of squares, and then reinked with my first colour again on the adjoining line of the two lines. (Hope that makes sense!) I repeated the process on the second side, repositioned my stamp, and continued going up the card, changing colour each time.
I realised about half way up that it would actually be easier to do all the parts of the 3×3 square before moving the stamp to the other side of the card, rather than doing one line at a time, so I swapped to doing that. Apparently I hadn’t got my positioning quite right at the beginning either because the columns started to overlap in the middle. But it doesn’t matter!

Once I’d finished stamping my background I set it aside to dry and started to make my frame. With all the colour on the background I felt that the frame should be fairly neutral. I wanted to do black, but wasn’t sure if I had any in my stash. A quick look revealed that yes, I did have a snippet of black card with me. A snippet that just happened to be the perfect width already, only requiring a trim to get it to the right length!

I used a pencil to mark lines on the back of the black square, 1cm in on each side, then used that guide to help me cut it out. I used my craft knife and ruler for that.

For the embellishment I decided to stamp a butterfly. This one comes from the My Mind’s Eye My Girl stamp set. With the help of my MISTI I stamped it with a gradient too, giving the opposite gradient to the background. I didn’t use as many colours, as it is a smaller image. First I inked up the top half with the blue and the bottom half with the lightest pink I’d used. I then stamped it, before inking the middle part with one of the middle pink-purple colours I had used on the background. The gradient on the butterfly at that point looked a bit too stripey, so I softened it by using a couple of the other colours stamped selectively. The transition is still not very smooth but I like how it looked.

I decided to stay fairly simple with the sentiment. It’s from Altenew’s Super Script and I stamped it with silver pigment ink.

Finally I just needed to assemble the card. I attached my gradient panel to the card base with my tape runner, then used Tombow Multi Mono Liquid Glue on the back of the frame before positioning that how I wanted it. I also used the liquid glue for the butterfly, though I only stuck down the butterflies body, as I wanted the wings to have a bit of lift to them. Finally I added some Wink of Stella to the butterfly’s body (using a pouncing motion as I did not want the colours to move at all). I probably could have skipped that step as it doesn’t seem to show all that much!

Gradient Butterfly Birthday 2I’m happy with how this card turned out. I think it is very pretty, and it was a fun experiment. I do wish I’d done a better job of realigning the stamp to avoid the blurry look that some of the lines got, but I think perhaps the stamp is not the same on all lines, in which case perfect alignment would not have been possible! If I were to make this again I think I would like to use white heat embossing for the sentiment, just to help it pop a bit more.


Lady Joyful


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    1. Thank you! I guess I am careful how I pick them. I’ll look at the list and consider what might go together. And often I’ll make something based on just one or two of the challenges, then look through the list to see if the resulting card fits anything else.

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