Photo-A-Day: August 12th

August 12th 2016I’m scheduling this post in the morning rather than the evening before. Last night I was just too tired to do anything. I didn’t make the cards I was supposed to make. I even had cereal for dinner because I was too tired to cook! Probably wasn’t the best idea because I was very hungry when I woke up this morning…

And next week my work days will be getting longer! Hopefully my body will adjust to the routine before too long… I’m really tempted to turn my alarms off and sleep in tomorrow morning, but I need to keep in the rhythm of getting up at a sensible time.

Seven more weeks and we’ll be moving to our own place. Then my commute will drop from 1 hour each way to 20 minutes each way. And I can make husband cook when I’m too tired!


Lady Joyful


8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: August 12th

    1. I did end up getting myself a microwave meal on Wednesday. I was at the shop buying ingredients and realised there was no way I’d manage shopping and cooking on the same day! I may buy a couple more to have on hand, but I’m trying mostly to make meals with lots of leftovers so I can eat those on the tiring days!
      I have a feeling I’ll regret sticking to the morning time tomorrow, seeing as I’m several hours late for bed!

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