Fly Away Balloon

Fly Away BalloonWhen I posted my other card earlier I didn’t mention that the Muse challenge had actually inspired me to make two cards! Honestly I’m not sure where the balloon idea came from, but I just couldn’t shake it, so as soon as I was done creating and photographing the flower card I got started on this one.

And yes, I know, I left it late in the day again and the lighting wasn’t great for the pictures… Sorry about that!

Again I was inspired by the positioning of the image and the sentiment, the black outlining, as well as the simplicity of the card. I also took inspiration from the layered effect. But I decided I wanted to make that effect without actually having the volume.

I started by making very light pencil lines marking out a border 0,5cm in on all sides of the card. I then went around this with a grey pencil to give the impression of a shadow to look like there is a layer.

Next I moved the card base to my MISTI. I lined up my balloon and sentiment, which are from Panduro Hobby’s Balloon stamp set. I used some post-it tape to mask off the edge of the area that the balloon would be stamped so that I could overlap the “layer” without losing the illusion of the depth. As usual I used Memento Tuxedo Black in to stamp the balloon, but I decided to try my black pigment ink for the sentiment. I’m very pleased with the result!

I took up my colouring pencils again and started colouring, using the darker areas of stamping as a guide to where the shadows should be. I coloured the basket first, using three different shades of brown. I then moved onto the balloon. I considered going with shades of pink again, in keeping with the Muse card, but I was worried it would end up looking too similar to my previous card. And I really wanted to do it green. So green it is! Again I used three shades, concentrating the darkest one around the black lines of the stamping, blending it out with the mid shade and layering over it all with the lightest shade. I did also add a very light layer of yellow over the highlights. I’m not certain whether it really made a difference or not, but I think it helped make it pop.

And that was it! Being a one layer card I didn’t even have to adhere anything in place. Once the colouring was done, the card was finished.

Fly Away Balloon 2

I’m really pleased with how this turned out! It surprises me a bit how different the cards are from each other, having both had the same inspiration. I’m honestly not sure which one I like more.


Lady Joyful

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