We’ve Mooved

We've MoovedI’m going to be very quick with this post because I’m meant to be asleep already! This idea popped into my head though and I had to make it before I could go to bed. We’re in the midst of a protracted move (I’ve already moved to a temporary place, and we’ll be in our flat at the end of next month), and I want to make a bunch of cards to send out with our new address. This is one of the little cards. I’m going to enter it to the MFT Camp Create’s Bonfire Challenge which is single layer savvy, as well as Lawnscaping Challenge‘s punny sentiment challenge, and AAA Cards‘ blending.
The card you see in the pictures (sorry for the bad lighting, it’s late!) is actually my third attempt because I messed up the stamping. That’s what happens when I’m tired! I started out by scoring and folding a piece of white card. The card was originally the size of a “normal” card front, so the finished card is half that size.

To create the scene I stamped the pig and the cow from Avery Elle’s Hogs and Kisses. I then added the sentiments, from Avery Elle’s Home Sweet Home. I selectively stamped the “We’ve moved” sentiment so that I could double the o. Next I masked off the cow and sheep, and stamped the caravan, which is also from the Home Sweet Home set.

With all my stamping done I got started on the colouring. I used my watercolour pencils as I have a wider selection of colours, but I did not use water with them. I started with the hearts, paying attention to my light source and blending in my shadows. I then coloured the cow. The sheep was a bit more difficult because I wanted to get some hint of the wool texture in my colouring. The caravan was very straightforward. I decided to make the stripes coloured, whereas when I’ve used the stamp before I’ve coloured it as if it is all metallic.

Finally I wanted to make sure it didn’t look as though the scene was floating in the great beyond. I added a very light impression of both grass and sky, using a covering of green and blue respectively. I decided it was fine for the grass and sky to be fairly undefined as the main focus should be on the animals and caravan. I did try and make sure there were shadows on the grass though.

We've Mooved 2And that’s the card. I’m pretty happy with it, though the difficulties at the beginning were frustrating! I don’t think I’ll end up mass producing this one for the other cards I need to send out, just because it didn’t work out as quick as I would have liked. I’ll have to come up with another idea! I do plan to go in and stamp the “Our New Address” from the Home Sweet Home set on the inside, along with, of course, our new address.

And now I am going to bed 🙂


Lady Joyful

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