Au Revoir

Au RevoirThis card was pretty simple to make. I put it together as a response to Less is More‘s one layer and something French challenge. I also decided to include it in Sweet Stampin‘s challenge to use a favourite stamp. If I’m honest, I don’t really have a favourite stamp, but the balloon and the sentiment are definitely amongst those I like most! Hopefully that counts..!

My starting point was to paint the sky. I cut down a piece of watercolour paper (actually, not sure if it is or not… it’s some paper I salvaged from one of my art books from when I was in school!) and taped it down to my work surface with washi tape. I then applied some water and loosely painted in sky with a light wash of blue. No complicated shading or anything like that! I then left the paper to dry.

Once it was dry (or, dry enough… I got impatient!) I removed the washi tape. Unfortunately it tore one side of the paper… I moved the panel into my MISTI and stamped on the balloon. It’s from the Panduro Hobby Balloon stamp set. I then used my colouring pencils to colour it in. I was thinking of going monochrome for the card, hence going with blue for the balloon. I decided to do it as one colour rather than stripes of alternating colours or shades, which is what I have done before. I did try to shade but I think I used too much of my midtone as the shading seems to have got a bit lost!

I then went on to colour the basket. The shading worked better there, and I really like how the highlight helps it pop. But by using brown I guess it no longer counts as monotone? Whoops. Oh well.

I’d known all along I wanted to add “au revoir” as my something French. I considered trying to write it in fancy scripty lettering. I think that would have looked brilliant. But I’ve never done that before, and my handwriting is not great anyway so I decided to play it safe and use stamps instead. I used the typewriter script stamps I got from Hobby Craft. Then to finish off the card I used the best wishes sentiment from Avery Elle’s Petal Panel.

Finally I attached the watercolour paper panel to the card base. My intention had been that the paper panel would cover the card base, maintaining the single layer whilst still having the stability of the base. (If that makes sense…) Unfortunately it looked a mess where the paper had ripped, I had to trim that bit off, and because the card base was much whiter than the “white” of the watercolour paper it just didn’t work. So I ended up trimming down a very small piece of patterned paper to go along the side and cover it up. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me… I feel like it should, because that added another layer. But then again I’ve seen other “one layer” cards that have included a strip along the side for example. And I guess it’s not really a layer, if it’s on the same level as the watercolour paper… I suppose I’ll find out when the lovely DT come to comment! πŸ™‚ (Sometimes I really do wonder if I’m really understanding the different terms, or if I just think I am!)


Au Revoir 2Anyway… This card turned out almost exactly how I’d imagined it, which is nice! I like the monochrome look, and the simplicity. Whilst I’d been imagining it with a scriptier font I think the bold and basic font works nicely.


Lady Joyful


10 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. No idea what the rest of the DT will say, but after all the effort you’ve put in I’m happy to ignore that little strip of paper πŸ˜‰ You must have been gutted when the card stock tore but you’ve done a great save, and the stamping and colouring looks fabulous. Thanks so much for playing along at Less is More πŸ™‚

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  2. You really did put in a lot of work with this card Charlotte and the result looks super. I too will turn a blind eye to the small strip of paper (personally, I would have trimmed the base card and the image so that the ripped bit was no longer there). I think the brown goes so well with the blue on the image. Thanks for sharing this with us at Less is More.
    Sharon xx

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