Photo-A-Day: August 18th

August 18th 2016We’ve had a bit of rainy weather here recently. Yesterday as I got to the park (with the boys I nanny) the heavens opened so I decided we’d go to the library instead. (Of course the rain turned back to a fine drizzle as soon as we got there… Typical!)

When we had the first very heavy rain, back on Saturday, and I had to go to the shop in it, I was very glad I’d bought the umbrella with me to my temporary home. Then of course I somehow managed to break it. One of the arms (or whatever they are called) snapped so is now all floppy. I guess it must have been awkwardly when I put it to dry in the bathroom.

Initially I was thinking I’d just have to put up with it. But it’s hard enough to push a double buggy whilst holding an umbrella even without part of it flapping about like a demented duck. So on my way home yesterday I popped into a shop and came out with a delightfully hideous pink and green umbrella. It may not win any awards for looks but it was inexpensive, and it will keep me dry. That’s the main thing.


Lady Joyful

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: August 18th

    1. I’ll try and get one to squeeze in somewhere…! I think I’ll be done sharing the pictures from mum’s soon, so could probably include an umbrella picture before I move onto other England pictures!


    1. Honestly I normally try to avoid them… But I tested out the new one today (it was rainy again!) and it was actually pretty nice not to get soaked… Normally I end up with my hair being wet for ages after rain, because it’s so thick and takes forever to dry!

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