Flower Vase

Flower Vase

I’ll be completely honest, when I saw I had a couple of challenges in my list requiring the use of dies I figured I’d have to skip them. As regular readers know, I’m living away from home for a few weeks, and as a result don’t have my die cutter with me. Luckily I did have a few leftover die cuts that I’d made previously, and I managed to make good use of them!

So, the challenges that went into the making of this card are: Butterfly Challenge‘s butterflies and V is for vases and/or vanilla (Edit – where it was chosen as a top 3!); Mod Squad‘s and Pile It On‘s die challenges; Craft Rocket‘s things with wings: and Moving Along With The Time‘s clean and simple.

My next concern was how on earth to do a vase. I don’t have any vase stamps. I considered freehand drawing one but that was slightly daunting. Then I realised, it doesn’t have to look like a traditional vase. Vases can come in all shorts of crazy shapes and sizes – as long as it is doing the job of a vase (holding flowers) then surely I can consider it one.

With that in mind I dug out a little golden hexagon from my envelope of leftover die cuts, and that became my vase. I then took other elements that seemed suitable – I had a fair amount of greenery, and the purple swirl. No suitable flowers though… But I spotted some red hearts I had. A couple of them were half hearts as I’d snipped the overhanging parts off when making another card. I realised that if I cut a couple of the other hearts in half, and rounded off the cut edges a bit, I could create my own flower!

I spent some time fussing around with the layout before moving to my card front. First I lightly drew in where the vase would be, then I arranged all the elements on the card before starting to stick things down. I made sure to consider what would be overlapping what when I put glue, so that I could vary the depth and make it look a bit more natural. I left the end of the purple swirl loose so that I could have it overhanging the vase.

I used foam tape for the golden hexagon vase, to give it a bit more depth, then added the swirl in place on top of that.

I still needed to add a butterfly. I found a piece of creamy vanilla-ish card stock in my snippets collection and used my butterfly punch to make a butterfly. I then took a yellow colouring pencil just to add a hint of colour on the inner parts of the wings, closest to the body, just to warm the colour a bit and enhance the vanilla tones. Normally I would try to make sure to match my whites, but I kind of like that the butterfly is a different “white” than the cardstock, as it makes the butterfly seem more vanilla toned.

I curved up the butterflies wings then adhered it to the card with some liquid glue along the back of its body. I tried to position it as though it has landed on a leaf.

I decided to add a rectangle around the image, to ground it a bit more. I did this in blue pencil but in hindsight I think that is too cool a colour. I probably should have gone with a yellow to, again, bring out the vanilla tones in the butterfly a bit more.

Finally I stamped on my sentiment which is from the Altenew Super Script stamp set.

Flower Vase 2

I think I like this card. I’m not certain. There are a few things I would prefer to be different – the blue line for one – but I guess I’m pleased with how it turned out overall. I do really like how the flower turned out!


Lady Joyful

17 thoughts on “Flower Vase

  1. My hat goes of to you for the making of this card. It just goes to show what can be achieved with not much crafting items plus a clever mind full of great ideas. Thank you for fluttering by my challenge where your card will be entered twice. Hugs Mrs A.
    Ps. I rather like the thin blue line myself.

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