Photo-A-Day: August 22nd


August 22nd 2016

A brief interlude from the England pictures to share with you a picture of my ugly pink and green umbrella. I was asked for a picture of it after I mentioned it a few days ago. I hope you appreciate this picture – it caused me a lot of trouble! You see, I have all the rest of the pictures planned out ready for future posts. And they are all named for the day they are going to be posted. So in order to put this umbrella in I had to shift all the other pictures along one day, which meant renaming them all. That’s all the pictures between now and almost the end of September. And I have them all as doubles, because I have the original and the watermarked version.

When I was done husband asked why I didn’t just rename the original August 22nd picture and move it to the end, rather than renaming the whole lot…

Well obviously, because… reasons..?

But seriously. It’s because I’m stubborn, and I’d planned for them to be in that order, so they will be in that order, even if it kills me. Or wastes several minutes of my time renaming them. Either way…!


Lady Joyful

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