Photo-A-Day: August 23rd

August 23rd 2016Here’s your picture! Yes, I apparently forgot. I could’ve sworn I’d scheduled this… But never mind. I have not managed to get anything done that I needed to this evening because I was so caught up in my card

This picture takes us back to England again. This time my dad’s garden rather than my mum’s! Some kind of thistle-y thing. You can’t tell from the picture but it is ridiculously tall. Well, maybe you can tell from the angle. I had to tilt up to photograph it, and I’m not exactly short!

I’m already late for bed but I’m going to go and at least upload the photo for tomorrow’s post, if not get it completely scheduled. I got the WordPress app on my phone today, so I should be able to sort the post out during my break at work. If I remember…


Lady Joyful


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