Photo-A-Day: August 26th

August 26th 2016As you read this I’ll be just about to get on a coach to go home for the weekend. Yay, I get to see my husband! On the downside… I leave work early at about 14.45, catch a metro to the coach and leave on that at 15.45. And guess my coach will get in? Midnight. Yeah, that’s fun.

As a result of the journey being so ridiculously long my visit will be a brief one. As I said, I’ll arrive in the middle of the night, and then on Sunday I have to leave at 9.00! So I’ll really only have Saturday to spend with husband. Thankfully I’ll be seeing him again about three weeks later for another visit. And about two weeks after that we’ll be moving into our new flat!

Those numbers don’t make sense to me though… I could’ve sworn we were going to be living apart about seven weeks total. But I’ve been here three weeks now. Three plus three plus two is not seven. Am I going crazy?

Yeah, probably.


Lady Joyful

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