Photo-A-Day: September 3rd

September 3rd 2016More edible things today. These are green tomatoes. (Right? Right.) You can eat them with your green eggs and ham if you like, Sam-I-Am.

I had green food today! Intentionally. I turned some leftover pesto into a quick sauce to go with my pasta. And then I had some blue on it. Unintentionally… I’d added some leftover grated cheese on the top and as I sat down to eat I noticed that two of the little pieces were blue… Blech. The rest looked fine, but I scraped as much of it off as I could, and of course made sure to get rid of the blue bits completely!

And then I ate my food, and it was yummy. It didn’t kill me yet. But if I die then feel free to all be terribly sad! Or have a party. Whichever.


Lady Joyful


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